How to Find The Best Laptop Bags for Men and Women

Finding the best laptop bags among what might appear like an endless selection could be a little daunting. The two most important things to considerare which type best suits your personality, but even more importantly, what would you be using it for.

Basically, there are four type of primary laptop bags out there and each has their own strengths and weaknesses, these include :

Laptop Messenger Bags

Stm Bags Scout Laptop Shoulder Bag Medium

The most popular laptop bag is undoubtedly the messenger bag, and it’s not difficult to understand why. It’s perfect for everyday casual use, provides quick and easy hip access, and worn using a simple over the shoulder strap. However, if you love outdoor activities such as hiking or camping, chances are you’re better off choosing a rugged laptop backpack with extra room,
highly padded shoulder straps as well as backpack support with ventilation.

Laptop Backpacks for Men and Women

Samsonite Luggage Vizair Laptop Backpack


have the advantage of keeping your hands free, and have more spacious
room and extra compartments. They also tend to be more rugged and durable. As previously mentioned, laptop backpacks also have the edge when it comes to long, sustainable use, but are not as quickly accessible as messenger bags and sometimes complicates things for those who don’t carry that many accessories.

Laptop Briefcases


Briefcase Type Laptop Bags are the best choice for professionals, as they tend to have a traditional smooth, sleek design. These are commonly leather based, and have a remarkable variety of sizes, from bulky and extra padded laptop briefcases which have endless room but look like obvious laptop bags, to a more minimalistic slim briefcase that looks more natural
yet contains less room. These type of bags are carried using a classic handle, but many models also contain shoulder straps.

Other Important Factors to Consider After You Made Your Pick

Regardless of the type of laptop bag you choose, there still remain a few key factors that you wouldn’t be wise to overlook.

1. Screen Size Accommodation.

Imagine your sheer disappointment when you finally get your desired model only to notice that it supports laptops up to 16” in size when you own a 17” device. This is the first thing you have to consider when skimming through the available models.

2. Space.

While this is dependant on your individual needs, many take room for granted. Some of the lightweight models out there are terrific, but often lack in the space department. If you’re a student that has to carry large books, look for models that take that need into consideration.

3. Extra Features.

While these are referred to as “extras” (even by us) to many they end up
feeling like life-savers. Those hidden treasures might include anything from, an extra protective sleeve for your tablet, or quick access pockets for traveling necessities. More often than not they include organizational compartments, and models compete with what they have to offer, from dedicated spaces to your mp3 players, pens, mobile phones, and others.

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